Permit Contact Information

The Building Code Enforcement Agency for Bedford Township is

Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance
125 South Richard Street
Bedford, PA 15522

The NEW CODE was established by the State of Pennsylvania, we are one of the last three states to have a state wide building code.

If you have questions please call the Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (814-310-2326)

You must first notify the Township Office for a (Land Development Application/Check List) view under Permits. Once the application is filled out and all the documentation and approvals are complete, the Township Supervisors will then sign off and a Township Seal will authenticate your copy.

We will then issue a permit if no inspections are required, if inspections are required you will then take your sealed copy to the Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance for your Building Permit.

The Supervisors and the Code Officials are doing their best to make this transition as smooth as possible for all concerned, we ask that you do the same with us so that you can continue with your project.

If you do not have the required Land Development Application and Building Permit, you will be stopped by the building code officer with a cease and desist order.

There are fines involved when you violate this order.

Sewage Permits

Bedford Sanitary Corp.145 Clark Bldg #4,
Jeffrey L. Clark, S.E.O.

Building Permits & Road Occupancy

1007 Shed Road