Snow Removal

Snow Removal from Township roads is one of the most imperative jobs performed by our work crew.

Roads are cleaned in priority order,

1. Major Arteries
2. Secondary Roadways
3. Residential Streets

The department makes every effort to keep all Township roads clean, but in cases of unpredicted or quick snow fall it may take time for crews to complete all roads in a timely fashion.

Important things to keep in mind to ensure the winter season is enjoyable and safe for everyone.  
The Township is not responsible for damage to mailboxes caused by snowplows when they are erected on the right-of-way, it is the property owner's responsibility.

1. Mailboxes should be placed as far from right-of-way as possible and still permit access by mail carriers.
2. Mailboxes should be placed on a "firm Support."
3. Homeowners can also consider installing a cantilevered mailbox support  that will swivel out of harms way.

Plans for building the cantilevered mailbox support can be obtained from PENNDOT's website at  

Snow Emergency, all vehicles must be removed from streets and roads for safe removal of snow.  Residents are reminded that they are not to shovel snow into streets or roads this is a violation of the Pa Motor Vehicle Code and it creates additional traffic safety concerns.  Be Smart and Safe when Shoveling